curating resources for anti-oppression work

As a congregation, we are committed to working toward a world in which Black lives truly matter. Our work is focused on three paths: inner work for us all to come to terms with our own attitudes on race; opportunities to build relationships with African Americans and groups in the community working on racial equality; and efforts to address the larger institutional racism that suffuses this country. In service to that work, we have begun using this blog as a place to curate resources and get out information regarding anti-oppression work in the community.

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On the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, one woman shares her experience in a StoryCorps animated short.

Watch this:

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Voting Rights ~ A Reflection from Cecilia Rawlins

On July 28, I had the opportunity to attend a voting rights organizing meeting with a group of congregants.  We came together at UUCA to learn more about voting rights laws in NC.  It was led by 2 representatives of Democracy NC.  The highlight of the evening was the viewing of a video from the Forward Together movement.  While the video was a bit dated (Editor’s Note: It’s three years old, and a lot has happened in three years!), it gave viewers a good and informative  historical perspective on voting rights in NC. Anyone on the fence about the significance of voting rights in NC, need only watch this video.   We discussed how we can become more involved locally and how we can join other groups dedicated to help ALL have voting rights!  An upcoming meeting of  the Voter Engagement Coalition on August 3 will be attended by myself and three other members present at the meeting.    This group, and any other interested UUCA  congregants will meet again on September 22  at 6:30 in Sandburg Hall for action item updates and a voter registration training.  I am looking forward to working with this group and doing my part to help Buncombe County residents exercise  their voting rights.

Here’s the video:

Forward Together, Not One Step Back from Democracy NC on Vimeo.

Presented by Democracy North Carolina in partnership with the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

North Carolina’s history around the struggle for the right to vote – and the backlash against it – offers rich insights and some that may surprise you. This short film is instructive and inspiring – reminding us to speak out and remain vigilant to stop legislation that threatens our democracy.

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Being a good ally

This link takes you to nine guidelines and perspectives from the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) on attitudes white people should carry into “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and actions.  This isn’t the “Bible” (ha) but there is food for reflection and discussion.   One additional point I have heard recently is that whites should not refer to themselves as allies in this struggle because alliances are temporary and can be dissolved when they no longer important to the parties involved.  Do you agree with these nine guidelines?

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Some thoughts on forgiveness

The families of the Charleston victims were widely praised in the media and by moderate leaders for their Christian forgiveness toward the shooter.  This author argues that this forgiveness is historically expected of Black people, or they will suffer serious consequences.  President Obama can not appear to be an Angry Black Man, regardless of how he is disrespected.  The author asks where this praise for forgiveness was on September 11, 2001, when fury and demand for revenge carried us into several wars. Where is forgiveness for the Marathon bombers?

After reading the article, what do you notice? What feelings come up for you? What are your thoughts on forgiveness and anger in this context?

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Moral March in Winston-Salem

A delegation from UUCA attended the Moral March in Winston-Salem on July 13.

Winston MM July 13 2015

Unitarian Universalists came from across the country to join in the march as well. It was a powerful and inspiring afternoon! Check out the video of Rev. Dr. William J. Barber’s speech, as well as Rev. Peter Morales speaking at 31:15 

For more press on the event, click here. Or here.

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Fundraiser: Undocumented Artists

This opportunity allows you to donate for a good cause and receive beautiful art by undocumented artists involved in the DreamActivist organization.  Are you looking for meaningful art for yourself or as a gift for your friends?  Want to make sure the money you spend goes toward a cause you support?  DreamActivist is a network linked to Puente, NDLON, the NC Dream Team, and other immigration and workers’ rights groups who our UU congregations have supported since 2011 with the Standing on the Side of Love campaign and by sharing our money and time as we are able.

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At DreamArtivist we’ll be working with some pretty talented, usually undocumented, artists, helping them showcase their work, and at the same time raising some money to continue ours. Each month we’ll be offering 100 limited edition prints. Each of these prints express the stories of struggle, resistance, and perseverance, through the eyes of the undocumented artists, themselves.


You can grab one print for $20, shipped, or better yet grab the yearly package to get a print every month (only $200 for the whole set).


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