Thankful for the little things…

This morning, Cindy and I were cuddling with my 13 month old niece so my sister could get some extra rest. I was watching her “read” a book and hug her stuffed bear, point at our noses and call everything “baby,” and I realized that this little person is growing up knowing things that I did not. When she is older, she will not be surprised that a woman can be Secretary of State or that a Black man can be president.  She will not think twice when her friends at school have two mommies or two daddies.

She is just a tiny person, learning to walk and talk, falling down and picking herself back up again.  There are endless possibilities dormant within her, and she is an important reminder that those possibilities exist within all of us as well, if we only remember to look.

Sometimes justice doesn’t come in the big legal victories or dramatic political changes.  Sometimes it’s the little things.

ImageHappy Thanksgiving!

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