Virtual Book Group BEGINS!!

Welcome, WELCOME, to the first installment of the virtual book group. By way of explanation, we are discussing The Prophetic Imperative by Richard Gilbert, and you are invited to respond to the questions by making a comment on the post. Comments on this blog are moderated to control SPAM, which means that they will not show up immediately, but there shouldn’t be too much of a lag time.

Please remember that even though we are in a virtual forum, the people you are speaking to are real members of our community, and consider your responses accordingly. Be kind, think before you hit enter… that sort of thing.

To start off the discussion of the Preface and Chapters 1 & 2, I’d like to consider the following questions:

What does the term “prophetic imperative” mean to you? Do you agree that freedom implies responsibility? How or how not?

Let the games begin!

OK. So. When we think and talk about the term “prophetic imperative” perhaps we ought first to consider the word “prophetic.” Gilbert explores it in detail on pp5-9 (the section titled “prophetic religion”) Some quotes that jumped out at me:

“the prophetic church is a religious community that seeks to intervene in human history for the sake of social justice.”

“Freedom, by its very nature, places an imperative claim on the free person to expand that freedom to all.”

“People were not creatures to be pushed around by history, but creatures who could respond to it by helping to shape it.”

Is UUCA a prophetic community? How or how not?

It is my personal belief that we do, in fact, live under a prophetic imperative. I am happy to say more about this, but first… I want to hear what YOU believe!

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2 Responses to Virtual Book Group BEGINS!!

  1. Thomas H Jerdee says:

    What does the “prophetic imperative” mean to me? I’ll follow our author (Richard S. Gilbert), who states that social action, in the form of organized attempts to influence policy makers and decision makers, “comes closest to…the prophetic imperative” (pp 11-12). He elaborates on that theme in the remainder of chapter 1, pointing us strongly toward political action. What does this imply for our congregation? I look forward to reading further what he and others have to say in regard to that question.

  2. Olivia Lim says:

    I am a bit late joining this group and figuring out how this virtual book group works but I look forward to catching up in my reading and joining in on the discussions.

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