From the UUA Bookstore – An opportunity to support Phoenix area groups

As you may know, this year’s General Assembly has been designated a “Justice GA”,” with a particular focus on migrant issues, economic justice, and racial justice. 

The UUA Bookstore is taking this important mission to heart, and we need your help. 

We are committed to raising funds for two Phoneix area groups: The Comités de Defensa del Barrio (CDBs) and Puente AZ. These groups perform vital work on the ground in Arizona, and have been selected by the General Assembly Planning Committee to receive funding and support from the UUA.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Make purchases at the UUA Bookstore in Boston, online, or in person at the UUA Bookstore at General Assembly.

2. When checking out, use the promotional code “PhoenixGA”

3. Encourage your friends, congregants, and others in your community to do the same.

For every purchase at the UUA Bookstore which makes use of this code, we’ll make a contribution equal to 5% of your purchase equally divided between CDBs and Puente AZ.

If our sales using the code exceed $100,000, we’ll double our donation on the remaining sales  – up to a total donation of $15,000!

We are very excited to be able to support these groups, and sincerely appreciate your support.

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One Response to From the UUA Bookstore – An opportunity to support Phoenix area groups

  1. Tom Dessereau says:

    For those interested in this issue, there will be form letters in support of the new Bd. policies addressed to the Chairman of the Buncombe County Bd. of Ed. at the Social Justice table, on Sunday, April 8.
    If you cannot attend the Board Meeting on April, 12, please stop by the SJ table and sign a letter

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