Conference: Allies for Racial Equity

Please consider attending the Allies for Racial Equity annual conference this year.  ARE is the white partner group to DRUUMM (Diverse & Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries).  Elizabeth Mount, the co-chair of Earth and Social Justice Ministries at UUCA, will be attending and presenting.  For more information or to talk about carpooling, please contact Elizabeth Mount/ 720-560-5680 or

Movement Building for Beloved Community: 2014 ARE Conference

Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16, 2014
West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church
20401 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River, OH 44116

The annual conference offers Unitarian Universalists who identify as white the opportunity to develop their anti‐racist, anti‐oppressive analysis and practice. Whether this will be your first or fifteenth anti‐racist conference, there will be opportunities to learn, grow & explore how you can turn your commitment into action.

Conference & Registration Information:

“Being the Leaders in the World Our Allyship Calls Us To Be” by Chris Crass

Chris Crass is a longtime organizer, educator, and writer working to build powerful working class based, feminist, multiracial movements for collective liberation. Chris is a Unitarian Universalist and has organized with UUs nationally in Arizona in 2010, and led anti‐racism workshops nationally and regionally.
He is the author of Towards Collective Liberation.

Workshops include:
* Building a Movement for Justice
* Seeing the World Differently
* The Frontlines of Environmental Justice: Fighting for People and the Planet
* We Can Do This!: ARE & Moving Towards Collective Liberation
* So What Does This Mean for White Ministers?
and more!

We are very excited to share the space and some programming with attendees at a concurrent People of Color conference themed: “Why Do People of Color Want to Be UUs.”
For more information, contact Samuel Prince

Questions? Contact us:


About Elizabeth Mount

Seminarian, UU, organizer, and badass. For faith, justice, and interdependent existence.
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