Reflection: Beyond Diversity, by Rev. Marisol Caballero

Beyond Diversity by Rev. Marisol Caballero
This sermon was preached by Rev. Caballero of the First UU Church of Austin, TX as a guest preacher in San Diego following the DRUUMM conference in January.  I hope it is inspirational to you.  If you would like to engage in further reading around racism and white privilege, I invite you to look at some of the links below the video.

If racism is a topic that you feel strongly about confronting in UUism, please consider coming to the ARE Conference in Ohio this March 14-16th, or the simultaneous people of color conference, if that is appropriate for you.  Carpooling is available with Elizabeth Mount/ 720-560-5680 or

More resources can be found below:
Is your spiritual imperative blind?
• Centering Thought and Order of Service
• DRUUM (Diverse and Revolutionary UU Ministry) website
• DRUUM/ARE Conference
• Poet, Christopher D. Sims
• On the Question of Race, Alicia Chambers (Poem)….
• A Campus More Colorful Than Reality, NPR
• ” … if you wish to love me …”, JooYoung Choi (blog, scroll to end of Feb 20, 2010 entry)…
• Defining Racism, from “Why Are All The Black Kinds Sitting Together in The Cafeteria?”, Beverly Tatum (pdf)
• Anti-Racist Cookbook, Parker and Chambers
• Beyond Diversity Org….
• Definition of Womanist, Alice Walker


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Seminarian, UU, organizer, and badass. For faith, justice, and interdependent existence.
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