Books: Lone Mountain

About the Book
Lone Mountain is the first-ever children’s book about the national tragedy of mountaintop removal mining. Set in central Appalachia, Lone Mountain tells the story of a mountain, its people, and what happens when mountain top removal threatens to destroy the balance of nature. Lush with beautiful illustrations of native plants and animals, this book focuses on the unique, renewable resources offered by the Appalachian mountains. And how anyone- big or small- can have an impact when it comes to saving the land they love.

The campaign to end the ecological crisis that is mountaintop removal has a more than 30-year history, and yet few resources exist for children to learn about this important topic. All of us on the Lone Mountain team feel that it is imperative for our children to learn about the great gifts of Appalachian ecosystems so that they understand the impact of destruction wrought by this mining.

Book Details

• Dimensions: Softcover, 12″ x 8.5″, 32 pages long, with full color illustrations
• Structure: There is a main story and an instructional back section on terms and concepts for young readers.
• Reading Level: 8-10 years old, but the book can (and should!) be read to younger children.
• Printers: Our printers are an independent southern business- Electric City Printers, and the books will be printed on FSC-Certified Paper.


About Elizabeth Mount

Seminarian, UU, organizer, and badass. For faith, justice, and interdependent existence.
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