UPDATE: CTS Site, from the POWER Action Group

Lee Ann Smith from the POWER Action Group sent this update:

As many of you may know, the CTS site is a Super Fund Designated site of the former CTS plant in our very own South Asheville.  POWER has been working with the EPA for a number of years to clean up the site, but progress has been slowed by stalling efforts by CTS.  Lee Ann sends the following update

A large area of TCE (a known human carcinogen) continues to migrate without control from beneath the former CTS of Asheville plant which sits near the top of a hill. The site is now on the EPA’s Superfund list. Data from July 2009 show extremely high concentrations of TCE in two top-of-bedrock monitoring wells on the the site: 35,000 parts per billion (ppb) and 42,000 ppb. The EPA’s maximum contaminant level for TCE in drinking water is 5 ppb. 
Because of bedrock fractures, it is not clear exactly where this unconfined mass of TCE is going, but it clearly poses a threat to humans, animals and the environment beyond the site itself.
POWER is suggesting that the EPA’s immediate focus be on getting this already-identified source material (TCE) under control and removed as soon as possible.
In short, we say:
“Stop the known high levels of contamination oozing uncontrolled from the top of the hill and do it now.”

Feel free to call the EPA and/or our US Senators to express your concern.


About Elizabeth Mount

Seminarian, UU, organizer, and badass. For faith, justice, and interdependent existence.
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