Being a good ally

This link takes you to nine guidelines and perspectives from the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers) on attitudes white people should carry into “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and actions.  This isn’t the “Bible” (ha) but there is food for reflection and discussion.   One additional point I have heard recently is that whites should not refer to themselves as allies in this struggle because alliances are temporary and can be dissolved when they no longer important to the parties involved.  Do you agree with these nine guidelines?

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2 Responses to Being a good ally

  1. Jane Kniffin says:

    Appreciate the ongoing blog. I like Vonn’s nine guidelines. I agree with not using the word ally – I think it’s worn out and his outlived its usefulness. We can ‘stand with’ others in their oppression, add our strength and commitment to the ongoing struggle. It can be a countercultural experience for white people to get behind and follow the leadership within the African-American community. Let us be mindful of the insidious nature of systemic racism in which white privilege is embedded.

  2. womynrev says:

    Earlier today, I read an article that suggested that “ally” is not an identity, or a word you can claim for yourself, but a set of actions that show that you are a supporter, a dismantler of systems, an interruptor of racism. That was an interesting perspective for me.

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